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(If you want to see the first ten images in their original size, they are in a posting made on the 24th of November 2011.)

My book The Wing-Friends is an imaginative tale of a small brave boy, a magical adventure, a magnificent Pegasus and the wonderful Kingdom of the Pegasi. It has been given very good reviews, and virtually every reader on Goodreads has so far awarded it five stars. It is available here. Some of my other writings are available as e-books, such as The Lower Deck, which is an over-the-top take on Waiheke happenings--sort of.

Sunday, 26 May 2013


Long ago when New Zealand television was worth watching, when our two public channels were not overflowing with horrid commercials, when both were free of them on Sundays and when Channel 2 was also free of them on Saturdays, the latter had a slot on Saturday evenings called Foreign Cinema, which often had fine movies. One miraculous Saturday there was a one that was specially wonderful, a movie memorable in the extreme. It has often came to mind since, and I wished I could see it again, but I could not even remember its title. Then when browsing yesterday I happened upon a thumbnail of a poster of a Danish movie made in 1987, set in the 19th century, whose title brought back the memory of that most special one. The synopsis seemed to agree with my distant recollection, and when it began to play I saw within seconds that it was indeed the one. Hallelujah!

It is called Babette's Feast. And it is a feast, a rich, astonishing feast. A good movie in every sense of the word.