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Tuesday, 24 July 2018


Ms Julie Anne Genter, Green MP and Hon Mincer, has railed against the plethora of Boring Old Men on boards and bewailed the lack of Bright Young Women, who should be there instead, making the world a far better place. There are, she says, too many Old Boys, messing up the world with their Old Boys Network.

But obviously she's not quite up with The Plot. Because she's also said, 'Trans Women are Women'.

Aha! That is the solution to the problem of Boring Old Boys on Boards. Because now that we've all
been re-educated into the wunnerful knowledge that gender is not between your legs, it is all in
your head--and that we all have What-If On The Brain, and that all that sex-stuff is fluid, and that we
are whatever we say we are...

So all that needs to be done is for all those Boring Old Board Boys to declare themselves Bright
Young Board Girls (sealing it with shiny new birth-certificates from the Department of Just-Is; see their homepage under Family), and, hey presto! the Glass Ceiling is gone for ever.

Done and dusted. QED. O Frabjous Day!

Oh! The tongue is stuck in the cheek. 'Woe is me, I am undone.. for I dwell amongst a people of ... lips...' (let those who know the reference see the point). In this day and age the mockery of insanity has to be stuck in gear permanently.